uNavSB carrier for uNav Board



µNavSB ( or uNavSB ) is a carrier for uNav board developed with OfficineRobotiche’s team with some improvements for an quick usage of µNav in a robot.


µNavSB main features are:

  • Integrated usb to TTL serial converter based on FTDI FT230 chip.
  • Dip Switch to connect serial converter to UART1 or UART2 of µNav.
  • Wide-range power supply input voltage up to 45V due MP4559 Step-Down Converter.
  • Built in dual 45V 2Ax2 full bridge driver based on L6205 ic ( in bottom side of PCB ).
  • Enable input to switch on-off µNav board.
  • Led on comunication data ( FTDI RX/TX led ) and motor power supply to see direction of control.
  • 4 analog input with voltage divider and over voltage protection ( mus be improved on V2 of PCB! ) for motor voltage and current measurement.
  • Easy to use I2C and GPIO signal on dedicated connector.


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