uNav to RoboPonte adapter Shield

Some year ago I’ve designed RoboPonte, a HiPower H-Bridge and now I need to use it with uNav.

This is a simple adapter scheme:


With this shield you can use RoboPonte with uNav board. It can be realized with uMatrix Board, a little PCB usefull to build prototype for uNav: uNav Prototype Board

This can be a good layout (using prototipe pad ), unused pad is hidden in image:



This is a scheme of wiring, in each image you can find a little number of connection, them must be done with wire.

In this image you can find some connection already done in PCB ( RED and BLUE ) and a short number of GND connction to be realized ( VIOLET ):

And now a list of image with wiring step:




In this gallery you can find some photo of my hand-made work:


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