EasyTK1_IO V2


Nvidia Jetson TK1 is a very interesting platform for the heart of my robot Plutarco with a Tegra K1 SOC containing NVIDIA Kepler GPU with 192 CUDA Cores and NVIDIA 4-Plus-1™ Quad-Core ARM® Cortex™-A15 CPU  .
2Gb of RAM, 16Gb of eMMC memory, RTL8111GS Realtek GigE LAN and 1 USB 3.0 port complete the ideal set of peripherals for a computer vision enaced robot.

A lot of interesting signal ( like I2C and UART ) are available on a 2mm pitch connector, 25 x 5 pin, a total of 125 pin in a area of 50 x 10mm.
This connector isn’t easy to use and signal is mixed from 1,8V 3,3V logic and 5V tollerant…

Can do you use them without risk of Jetson TK1 damage?

I can’t risk and I’ve started development of  a voltage level adapter board with 2 main features:

  • Easy to use 2,54mm pitch connector divided by signals function
  • IO voltage level adapter with 1,8 to 5V device side compatibility and auto-set of I/O voltage due to Voltage input pin on each connectors

With this short list of initial specifications I’ve made EasyTK1_IO


New feature from V1 and V2 PCB

After I’ve completed testing on EasyTK1_IO V1 I have realized a new version of PCB to correct bug and improve user experience.

  • There was a BIG error, a fail on scheme… luckily Jetson Power Supply was strong and protected!EasyTK1_IO_3V3_5V_error
  • I2C output voltage can be drained by Jetson TK1 voltage regulator due jumper
    EasyTK1_IO I2C internal power Supply
  • Added I2C CAM interface, it’s a 3,3V I2C interface free for user expansion.
  • Added some testpoint, during debug they are essential! See scheme for detail.
  • Review of board layout to simplify plug in jetson TK1 board

Board Layout


EasyTK1_IO V2.0 – Layout

EasyTK1_IO V2 Scheme

EasyTK1_IO_I2C_V2.0-EasyTK1 I2C Interface

Usage example

This is a list of wiring-only scheme to connect different device to EasyTK1_IO.

In internet there are a lots of good software example regarding software and another cut&paste is not usefull.

My favorite web site is Jetsonhacks.com a mine of good and clear example!



About software I report only special raccomandation

EasyTK1_IO 3D Cad preview


EasyTK1_IO V2.0 3D




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