EasyTK1_IO Jetson TK1 Voltage Level Adapter


EasyTK1_IO is a voltage level adapter for JetsonTK1 board

EasyTK1_IO PCB V1.0

EasyTK1_IO PCB V1.0

EasyTK1_IO Assembled V1.0

EasyTK1_IO Assembled V1.0



Build of materials ( EasyTK1_IO is under development!! )

All components are available on katodo.com with “Katodo Code” reference on this table:

Reference Quantity Katodo Code Description
PCB 1 10.9010.0068 EasyTK1_IO PCB V1.0
P18 2 10.8010.0008-P005 2,54mm pitch Female Header
JT1, JT2 5 10.8010.0022-025 2,00mm pitch 14mm lenght male pin strip
P15,P16,P19,P20 4 10.8030.0001 Header Male 2 pole p2.54 mm pitch
J2541402-R EX2541WV-02P
Q1-Q17 17 10.3510.0011 BSS138LT3G SOT-23 Modfet
R1-R34 34 10.2040.0001 10K 1% 0805 SMD Resistor
P2, P3, P5 3 10.8030.0003 Header Male 4 pole p2.54 mm pitch
J2541404-R EX2541WV-04P
P1, P4 2 10.8030.0004 Header Male 6 pole p2.54 mm pitch
J2541406-R EX2541WV-06P

Some image of EasyTK1_IO on JetsonTK1






EasyTK1_IO scheme

PDF of EasyTK1_IO scheme: EasyTK1_IO



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